What is a Life Coach?

A life coach has become a very broad term to mean a trained specialist who helps you move forward in a direction that you have chosen. Whether it’s in the category of wellness, career, parenting or other, life coaches are a sounding board, thinking partner and accountability buddy who listens to the whole you and asks effective questions that when thought through and answered, will help illuminate the right path for you.

What is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®?

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is the professional standard for divorce coaching. I became certified so I can help those in the process of, or contemplating divorce, and I am trained to help you navigate through the process. Together, we’ll get you through the fog of emotions to help you define what is important to you and, if necessary, help you show up as a credible client for your legal team. We set goals, problem solve, unravel the scary and unpack the unknown. I will point out your strengths and highlight your successes as we walk through the process of divorce together.

Do I need a coach?

Yes! Everyone could benefit from a coach, but not everyone prioritizes their growth. A coach is a person to whom you can show up authentically, who listens, reflects back what is important and points out your inner strength. A coach shines the light towards where you want to go, using your expressed values, desires, and dreams to remind you where the current of your true self flows.

Can a Divorce Coach advise on legal, financial, or mental health issues?

No, I am not qualified in any of these areas, but I can help you organize your thoughts and prepare you for meetings with these professionals. I partner with experts in these fields and offer my clients referrals when needed.

Are our sessions confidential?

Yes, everything shared in our sessions is confidential, except as required by law.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 24-hour cancellation notice is required to receive a refund or transfer of session payment. A client can cancel coaching agreement at anytime with written notice via email. Please include your last desired coaching session date.

Still have questions?

I’d love to answer them for you. Send me a message or schedule a call today.